InnovaGen® Fuel Processor

InnovaGen® Fuel Processor

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InnovaGen® Fuel Processor

Dr. Patricia Irving holds the InnovaGen™ micro-channel reactor while Staff Engineer Jeff Pickles looks on - Tri-City Herald

Dr. Patricia Irving holds the InnovaGen® micro-channel reactor while Staff Engineer Jeff Pickles looks on - Tri-City Herald

The InnovaGen® fuel processing system uses advanced technology developed by InnovaTek to provide a clean hydrogen stream to fuel cells for stationary, portable, and mobile applications. The system uses a carbon-based fuel, such as standard gasoline, diesel, or renewable biofuels, and water to generate hydrogen for clean, quiet, on-site electrical power production.

We are committed to the advancement of alternative energy technologies because of the benefits for the environment and national security. InnovaTek's expertise in catalyst, membrane, and microsystems technology provides a competitive advantage in compact hydrogen generation and portable power applications.

Although fuel cells have been around for years, it wasn't until very recently that advances such as those made by InnovaTek promise to make them economical and reliable enough for future use in commercial applications. Imagine a quiet power source about the size of a copier that can generate electricity for any home or business and that can also power a vehicle using the existing fuel distribution infrastructure at double the efficiency. Coupled with the InnovaGen Fuel Processor, fuel cells are poised to become a superior, commercially-viable energy technology.


The NHA's Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Market Report (pdf, 1.5 MB) summarizes current market information.  The InnovaGen® Fuel Processor is designed for the following power applications:

  • Portable
  • Auxiliary
  • Back-up
  • Transportation

System Features

  • Reforms low sulfur fossil and bio-fuels without need for prior sulfur removal
  • Adaptable to all fuel cell types
  • Uses micro technology to improve system efficiency and reduce size through optimized thermal management and fluid dynamics
  • Incorporates InnovaTek’s patented catalysts that have high activity and selectivity
  • Processes multiple fuel types
  • Water neutral
  • Includes proprietary InnovaJet® fuel injector to eliminate coking
  • Proprietary Flow-Tek fuel and water pumps are available for low flow rates needed on small (<1 kW) systems\
  • ThermoGen® primary heating unit also available for use in system testing


Prototype systems are in operation that reform natural gas, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and renewable fuels. A liquid phase sulfur adsorbent module has been developed to desulfurize high sulfur fuels. Designs have been completed for systems with hydrogen production rates ranging from 1 to 600 liters per minute. Specific systems have been produced for integration with three fuel cell size ranges: 50-1000 W, 1-5 kW, 10-20kW to accommodate a range of applications. Beta prototypes in the small size range are available for testing by qualified customers.