InnovaGen® Fuel Processor Displayed at Fuel Cell Seminar


SAN ANTONIO, TX - InnovaTek will display its proprietary InnovaGen® fuel processor at the 2004 Fuel Cell Seminar Exhibition scheduled for November 1-5, 2004 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. The Fuel Cell Seminar is the premier meeting of the fuel cell industry. The Seminar's commercial exhibition showcases the impact that fuel cell technology will have in meeting global energy and environmental needs.

The InnovaGen® fuel processing system on display at the conference uses advanced technology developed by InnovaTek to provide clean hydrogen to fuel cells for stationary, portable, and mobile applications. Although fuel cells have been around for years, it wasn't until very recently that advances such as those made by InnovaTek promise to make them economical and reliable enough for use in commercial applications. Coupled with the InnovaGen® fuel processor, fuel cells are poised to become a superior, commercially-viable energy technology.

Conference sessions will highlight the research and development efforts of those pushing the envelope to remove the last technical and economic barriers to commercialization of fuel cell technology. Dr. Jeffrey Harrison, Director of InnovaTek’s Sustainable Power Division, will make a presentation entitled “Development of a Microchannel Fuel Processor for Complex Hydrocarbon Fuels”. InnovaTek scientists will also have a presentation in the poster session. Additional sessions at the Seminar will describe developers' near-term efforts to demonstrate fuel cells in a variety of energy sectors.

Over 2,200 registered participants from 30 countries are expected for the 2004 Seminar. Participants include those engaged in technology development, marketing and manufacturing of fuel cells and related technologies as well as potential users of the resulting products.

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