BioGuardian® Air Sampler

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Performance Information

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InnovaTek's BioGuardian® Air Sampler monitors the air for bio-particles such as anthrax and other airborne pathogens that can cause illness or death if inhaled. Coupled with a detector it warns against biohazards and indicates when treatment/cleanup is needed.

The BioGuardian is a unique, high volume air sampling system based on InnovaTek's patented technology developed under U.S. Defense Department funding. Four different models are available that capture and concentrate airborne chemicals and bioparticles in the size range of interest for human health or agricultural monitoring. The BioGuardian Air Sampler can be designed for your specific needs and desired particle size range.


The BioGuardian Air Sampler is designed for:

  • Agriculture industry
  • Military
  • Homeland defense operations
  • First response teams
  • Worker and public safety segments

System Features

  • Collects and concentrates invisible airborne particles & chemicals
  • Environmental Safety Models collect 1-10 µm size range
  • Agricultural Model collects 10-60 µm size range
  • Particles concentrated into small volume of liquid (10-15 ml)
  • Air Flow Rates of 100, 350, or 1000 liters per minute
  • Pre-separator removes large interfering particles
  • 70% collection efficiency
  • Replacement of liquid lost to evaporation
  • Automated and wired remote control features
  • Continuous or intermittent sampling times, 1 min to 12 hrs
  • Automated sterilization using hydrogen peroxide
  • Portable case on wheels

Technology Design

  • Second generation design optimized for high collection and concentration efficiency
  • Novel wet-walled multi-cyclone inner collector (U.S. Patent: 6,468,330)
  • Unique outer centrifuge/impactor to reduce system interference from large particles (patent pending)
  • User-friendly control system and carrying case

System Operation

The BioGuardian design packages all components, including liquid consumable bottles, into a compact, rugged system (see photos at top of page). The easily accessible control panel allows the user to set the sample time by pressing minute and second buttons and to start the sampling process by pressing a single large start button. The device uses microprocessor controls to cycle through three modes after the “start” button is pressed:

  • Load – 10 mls of liquid are loaded into the sampler from the integrated liquid bottle
  • Collect – blower turns on and samples air for the set period of time
  • Extract – sample is extracted into sample vial

Green LED lights indicate what mode the sampler is in at any given time. A safety feature is built in to prevent liquid extraction unless a vial is in place to receive the sample.

Collection Efficiency Procedure

The following procedure is used to examine performance of the BioGuardian Air Sampler using fluorescent PSL spheres or microorganisms:

  • Fluorescent polystyrene latex (PSL) spheres (Polybeads) (Polysciences, Inc.) or stock microorganism (e.g. Bacillus subtillus, var niger (BG)) suspension (5E5 CFU) solution is nebulized into an airstream that is sent through a drying tube.
  • Aerosolized particles are measured and counted with a Pacific Scientific Instruments Laser Particle Counter, Model MetOne 2913.
  • After measurement, the aerosolized particles are directed toward the inlet of the BioGuardian collector for a 5 minute sampling period.
  • For PSL tests, fluorescence of the output collection liquid from the BioGuardian is quantified using a Turner Digital Fluorometer, Model 450 and compared to fluorescence of solution that is nebulized into a glass fiber filter operating at an air flow rate of 50 LPM.
  • For BG tests, Bacillus spores in the output collection liquid are quantified by culturing on Tryp-Soy agar for 18-24 hours. Colonies formed are counted and compared to the number of colonies present in the original solution that is nebulized.

Collection Efficiency Results

BioGuardian collection efficiency results for Bg spores are presented in Figure 2 and for PSL particles in Figure 3 for tests performed at InnovaTek and by the Army at Aberdeen Proving Ground. These results were obtained with prototypes that had been optimized as of December 2003.

Figure 1
Figure 1. BioGuardian Collection Efficiency Results for 1 m m Bacillus subtilis Spores.

Figure 2
Figure 2. BioGuardian Collection Efficiency vs. Particle Size for Tests at InnovaTek and Aberdeen Proving Ground.


System cost depends on model and features ordered. Please contact us for price quote.