InnovaTek Receives Subcontract from UltraCell for Air Force Project


Richland, WA – A $180,000 contract was received by InnovaTek for delivery of fuel processing technology to UltraCell, LLC, a Bren-Tronics Company located in Livermore, CA.

  UltraCell will integrate InnovaTek’s InnovaGen® fuel processor with UltraCell’s micro fuel cell to produce a power system for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for the U.S. Air Force.  The power system, known as RIPPED (Renewable Integrated Propulsion Power Electricity & Distribution) is designed to produce an all-electric hybrid powered UAV that operates on JP-8 (jet fuel).  United States Forces currently have a need for rapid response small unmanned aerial systems for a variety of functions such as reconnaissance and surveillance in support of convoy operations.  Current systems do not have the fast response times or the endurance necessary to complete missions.  There is also a significant need for this technology for non-military use such as for emergency responders, search and rescue, border patrol, and remote forest fire assessment.

The RIPPED UAV will offer long loiter, rapid response “dash” speeds, and low noise by using a fuel cell system coupled with a Li-ion battery.  InnovaTek’s technology permits the operation of the fuel cell using logistical fuels.  The InnovaGen® fuel processor produces hydrogen from JP-8 through a catalytic process.  The hydrogen is utilized by the fuel cell with oxygen from the air to produce electricity.  The conversion of the fuel to energy takes place through an electrochemical process, rather than combustion, resulting in a clean, quiet, and efficient power system.  The prototype RIPPED UAV will be demonstrated for the Air Force in 2017.

About InnovaTek, Inc.
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