InnovaTek Meets Fuel Processor Demonstration Milestone


RICHLAND, WA - InnovaTek demonstrated its InnovaGen™ Fuel Processor technology today for the Army, meeting an important milestone in its development program. The Richland, WA-based company demonstrated an alpha-stage laboratory prototype that converts diesel fuel to hydrogen using a proprietary catalytic process and an advanced separations membrane. The system produces pure hydrogen at a rate of 12 liters per minute, enough to produce 1 kW electrical energy from a fuel cell.

"This is a landmark day for InnovaTek", said Dr. Patricia Irving, President & CEO of the Company. "When fully developed, this technology will help make fuel cells a commercial reality, because it will allow them to operate using conventional fuels, like diesel and gasoline, instead of bottled hydrogen." The InnovaGen Fuel Processor is unique in its ability to reform sulfur-containing fuels without the need for prior sulfur removal. This provides a significant advantage by reducing the cost, size and complexity for portable hydrogen generation from complex hydrocarbon fuels.