InnovaTek Engineer Wins Design Contest



Richland, WA – Mr. Peter Griffin, InnovaTek Chief Design Engineer, won first place in a design contest sponsored by Quest Integration.  Using SolidWorks™ 3D CAD files with Photoview 360, Mr. Griffin created a photo-realistic rendering of InnovaTek’s InnovaGen™ distributed energy system.  The InnovaGen™ device produces electricity for stationary applications such as a home, which was depicted in the rendering. 

“This rendering was developed to showcase real-world deployment of InnovaTek’s technology," said Mr. Griffin.  "I chose a night scene to give viewers the impression that the InnovaGen, which is spotlighted in the foreground of the rendering, is responsible for powering the lights and other electronic devices in the house.  To create the scene I used numerous solid models, arrayed them in assembly, applied custom textures, and set up lighting and a special camera to achieve the desired effect.  All textures in the scene were created from raw photo images, edited, and applied to each model surface.”

Quest Integration provides software tools and services to manufacturers in the northwest U.S.  The images submitted for the rendering contest were judged based on realism, complexity, and over-all creativity.

About InnovaTek, Inc.
InnovaTek, Inc. provides engineering solutions and creates products for sustainable power.  The Company is a leader in fuel processing technology and advanced catalysts for hydrogen production from petroleum and renewable fuels. InnovaTek’s vision is to use innovative non-combustion catalytic technologies to move the world away from wasteful fossil fuel combustion and toward clean, efficient electrical energy generation from renewable, sustainable biofuels, providing a path for a better quality of life for future generations.   The Company is developing biofuel production technology and integrated fuel cell products for electric vehicles, auxiliary power systems and distributed energy applications.  Learn more about InnovaTek at

The winning photo-realistic rendering of InnovaTek’s InnovaGen™ Energy System providing power to a home.

The winning photo-realistic rendering of InnovaTek's InnovaGen™ Energy System providing power to a home.