InnovaTek Developing Fuel Cell System for the Marine Corps


RICHLAND, WA - The Office of Naval Research has awarded Phase I STTR funding to InnovaTek for the development of a fuel cell power system operating on jet fuel. The technology will improve the Marine Corps Expeditionary Units' power generation capabilities allowing for long term unmanned power generation and for field recharging of advanced light weight batteries. The system is intended to help Marines reduce the cost and logistical burden associated with powering the multitude of electronic devices they carry during combat.

Currently soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are replacing batteries on their portable electronic gear after every mission, regardless of the battery life, to ensure they won't run out of power on their next mission. Having the ability to use rechargeable batteries that can be serviced in the field through the use of logistical fuel will provide a significant advantage to our troops.

During Phase I InnovaTek will use its proprietary micro-channel reactor and fuel reforming catalyst as the platform technology that will generate hydrogen from JP-8 (a jet fuel) in a portable device. The hydrogen will feed a fuel cell which will generate the power for the battery recharger and other electronic devices.

For this project InnovaTek is collaborating with researchers at the Colorado School of Mines who will help model the fuel cell and steam reforming system to evaluate and optimize process flow and system design. Chevron Technology Ventures LLC is also contributing to the project by assessing the feasibility of their desulfurization technology to provide low sulfur JP-8 suitable for InnovaTek's reformer.

InnovaTek is an advanced technology research and development company focused on innovative solutions for environmental safety and sustainable power.