InnovaTek Captures Innovation Funds


RICHLAND, WA - InnovaTek, Inc. received notification last week from the U.S. Defense Department that it has been selected for award of three Phase I contracts under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program. The contracts are for the development of new technologies in the Company's environmental safety and sustainable power divisions.

The Marine Corps is awarding InnovaTek a contract for the development of a personal bio-aerosol sensor, a wearable device that will sound a warning to the user when inhalable biological material is present in the air. In addition to its military and homeland defense applications, the technology will be valuable in commercial markets such as medical, food production, and agriculture.

The two other InnovaTek contracts were awarded by the Navy for development of fuel processing technology that produces hydrogen for fuel cells. These contracts will allow the Company to further develop the technology and catalysts needed for its InnovaGen™ Fuel Processor. By providing clean hydrogen from sulfur-containing logistical fuels, InnovaTek's fuel processing system will allow fuel cell technology to be realized earlier and in broader markets. "We are very proud of our SBIR success rate", said Dr. Patricia Irving, President & CEO of the Company. "Fifty percent of our proposals to the Defense Department under this solicitation were funded, substantially greater than the national average of eighteen percent."

SBIR awards can provide funding of up to $850,000 (Phase I plus Phase II) for the development of innovative technologies that have both commercial and government applications. In the five years since its founding, InnovaTek has been awarded ten contracts under the SBIR program.