DOE Funds InnovaTek for Hydrogen Technology


RICHLAND, WA - InnovaTek will use its proprietary catalyst with Pall’s advanced membrane separation technology to combine the WGS reaction with selective separation of the hydrogen product. This will produce thermodynamic conditions to drive the reaction in a forward direction. Phase I work will prove the feasibility of a single, low cost reactor that can be operated at higher temperatures and high conversion without the requirement of multiple stages and/or excess steam.

Over half of U.S. power is currently coming from coal; however, environmental concerns such as emissions of hazardous air pollutants and greenhouse gases are affecting future use of the coal. To ensure America's energy security by developing technologies that utilize this plentiful domestic resource, the Department of Energy is supporting technology development for coal gasification that integrates carbon sequestration and hydrogen production with combined cycle electricity generation that produces zero emissions. The pure hydrogen produced can be used to power fuel cell systems for vehicles or distributed power that produce no harmful emissions whatsoever. A significant portion of coal derived syngas is carbon monoxide which can be converted to useful product hydrogen via the water gas shift (WGS) reaction. InnovaTek’s technology will enable this conversion

Of even greater interest is the production of hydrogen from renewable fuels. A potential 1.3 billion tons of biomass in the United States could be used as a resource to produce transportation fuels. This represents the potential for an annual hydrogen production of 100130 M tons, enough to fuel 300 million fuel cell vehicles and displace more than 30% of the present petroleum usage. InnovaTek’s technology will help provide the capability to deliver hydrogen at the purity, quantity, and price required for widespread use thereby increasing the potential for clean, renewable transportation fuels.

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